Kirsten C. Uszkalo

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Kirsten C. Uszkalo is a specialist in seventeenth-century literature, early modern cultural studies, and women's writing and the author of a number of scholarly articles on witchcraft, possession, and digital culture. She is the lead of the Witches in Early Modern England Project and the Founding Editor of Preternature, Critical and Historical Studies in the Preternatural (Penn State Press).

Dr. Uszkalo is an active member in a number of national and international Digital Humanities projects, societies, and conferences, a regular participant in Humanities conferences and colloquia and workshops, and an enthusiastic and challenging teacher.


2006 Ph.D., English University of Alberta
2000 M.A., English University of Alberta
1999 Post-baccalaureate, English Simon Fraser University
1996 B.A., English Simon Fraser University


2015, 2016 Instructor Athabasca University
2013 Sessional Instructor University of Alberta Edmonton, AB
2009-2010 Assistant Professor and Post-Doctoral Fellow Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2008-2009 Assistant Professor (LTA) Simon Fraser University Burnaby, BC
2007-2008 Assistant Professor (LTA) St. Francis Xavier University Antigonish, NS
2000-2007 Primary Instructor University of Alberta Edmonton, AB


Book Manuscripts

Bewitched and Bedevilled. (Palgrave MacMillian Press, 2015)

Being Bewitched. (Truman University Press, 2017)

Major Digital Projects

Witches in Early Modern England: A Digital Humanities project for Unveiling Witchcraft Narratives. Published. (online: )

Refereed Journal Articles

“Capturing Magics: The Witches of Early Modern England Project as Micro-historical and Visualization Research,” Preternature. 3:1 (2014): 190-204.

“Medical Theories on Malefic Possession: from bewitchment to anti-NMDAR encephalitis,” Journal of Religion in Europe 5:3 (2012): 323-348.

[With] Geoffrey Rockwell, Calen Henry, Erik deJong, Shannon Lucky, Mihaela Illovan, Lucio Gutierrez, Sean Gouglas, Patricia Boechler and Eleni Stroulia. "Campus Mysteries: Serious Walking Around." Loading…, 7:12 (2013).

"The which is also new": Accessibility, Economics, and Electronic in Early Modern Women’s Writing. Media: Culture: Pedagogy 15:01/02 (2011)

"Cunning, Cozening, and Queens in The Merry Wives of Windsor," Shakespeare 6:1 (2010):20-33.

[with Susan Liepert] "Clapping, Pinching, and Sucking: The English Witch's Familiar as Interface Model," Digital Studies / Le champ numérique 1:3 (2009)

"The Memoirs of Dolly Morton: Possible Source for James Joyce's Ulysses?" Notes and Queries 55:4 (2008):1-5.

[with Stan Ruecker] "Binding the Electronic Book: Design Features for Bibliophiles," Visual Design, 40:1 (2007): 50-69.

"Selling Cherries, Buying Water: Reworking Female Sexual Economics in Thomas Middleton’s A Chaste Maid in Cheapside." Luminarium (2001).

Book Chapters

"Embodied Spiritualities, Salacious Biographies, and the Hog-Faced Prophetical Witch," in The Devil in Society in the Premodern World, ed. Richard Raiswell. (Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies: University of Toronto Press, 2012), 283-309.

[with Darren James Harkness] "Consider the Source: Critical Considerations of the Medium of Social Media" From Text to Txting: New Media in the Classroom. Edited by Paul Budra and Clint Burnham. (Bloomington. Indiana UP, 2012), 15-42.

"Anger and Demon Possession: A Social Cognitive Model with Particular Reference to Anglo-Saxon and Early English Possessions," Studies in Early Medicine, (Oxford: Archaeopress 2010), 5-18.

"Artless Tales as Literary Tapestry," Afterword. Artless Tales. Anna Maria Porter. Ed Lesley Robertson et al. (Edmonton: Juvenilia Press. 2003), 131-36.

Other Publications

Encyclopedia Entries

”The British Witch,” The Ashgate Encyclopedia of Literary and Cinematic Monsters, ed. Jeffrey Weinstock, (Farnham: Ashgate Publishing. 2014), 596-600.

"The British Wizard,” The Ashgate Encyclopedia of Literary and Cinematic Monsters, ed. Jeffrey Weinstock (Farnham: Ashgate Publishing. 2014), 600-603.


"Dangerous Women, and Music in Seventeenth Century Broadsides" The Journal of British studies.: 55: 2 (2016): 420-421

"Sidney Sondergard's Sharpening Her Pen: Strategies of Rhetorical Violence" [review], 2016, 35:2 (2004): 612-613.

"Writing Up the Rite: Impressions of Joyce 2000: The Right to Write: XVII International James Joyce Symposium," James Joyce Broadsheet, 57:1 (October 2000)


[with John Simpson, Geoffrey Rockwell, Ryan Chartier, Stéfan Sinclair, Susan Brown, and Amy Dyrbye]. “Text Mining Tools in the Humanities: An Analysis Framework,” Journal of Digital Humanities. 2:3 (2013)

White Papers

[with Dan Cohen et al.] “Data Mining with Criminal Intent Final White Paper.”

[with Tanya Clement, Sara Steger, and John Unsworth] "How Not to Read a Million Books," hosted by John Unsworth (Dean and Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences, and Director, Illinois Informatics Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign): . Originally read at Harvard University, October, 2008.

Editorial Positions

2015-present Board member, Preternature: Critical and Historical Studies on the Preternatural (PN) Penn State Press
2010-2015 Founding Editor Preternature: Critical and Historical Studies on the Preternatural (PN) Penn State Press
2008-2010 Associate Editor Digital Studies / Le champ numérique
2000-2005 Editor-in-Chief nasty: the brattiest academics of the web
2000-2003 Editorial Board Juvenilia Press


2011 6th Nebraska Digital Workshop Early Career Scholar Award $1000.00
2011 Principal Investigator: Witches in Early Modern England Project. Research and Development
RPT/ASE/AppScan IBM Software Group, Rational Requested $10, 000 over 1 year. Funded $10.000.
2009 Principal Investigator, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Information, Text, and Sound Technology. "Witches in Early Modern England (WEME) Project." Requested $50,000 over 1 year. Funded $50,000.
2009 Alliance for Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) Award
2008 Best Idea for Improving a Current Tool TADA Research Evaluation eXchange (T-REX, McMaster University)
2006 University of Victoria (British Columbia) Humanities Computing & Media Centre Graduate Student Award
2004 Sarah Nettie Christie Graduate Award (University of Alberta)
2002 Mary Louise Imrie Graduate Award (University of Alberta)
2001 James F. Forrest Graduate Award in Renaissance Literature (University of Alberta)


2007 Society for Digital Humanities (SDH/SEMI) Travel Bursary
2003 Graduate Internship Tuition Supplement
2003 Sarah Nettie Christie Travel Bursary
2003 Attending to Women Travel Grant
2003 Graduate Research Assistantship Scholarship
2002 Graduate Internship Tuition Supplement
2000 Sarah Nettie Christie Travel Bursary


"The Great Electric Show & Dance: Adventures in the evolution of e-readers and e-research" Teaching and Research using Technology in the Humanities: Virtual communities in the Humanities 2009 Symposium. University of Victoria, British Columbia. April 2009.

"Titillating Trends and Tools: Visualization and Research in DH" Farleigh Dickinson University. Vancouver, British Columbia, March 25, 2009

"Cyberculture." Department of English, University of Gloucester, UK. December 2004.


Conferences Organized

Upcoming: Kule Institute for Advanced Study Around The World Conference. University of Alberta, May 2015.

Workshops Organized

Workshop on Witches; Witches in Early Modern England: A Digital Humanities Project for Unveiling Witchcraft Narratives. Pacific Northwest Renaissance Conference, 2010. Victoria, British Columbia October 21-23 2010.

[Panel with Paul Budra] “Shakespeare and Social Neuroscience.” Shakespeare Association of America, Chicago. April 1-3, 2010.

[with MEMI executive] MEMI Colloquium: Reproducing Dissent in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods. University of Alberta, May 10, 2005.

[with MEMI executive] MEMI Spring Workshop: Is that a Stylus in Your Pocket? Paleography Symposium. University of Alberta, May 11-12, 2005.

[with MEMI executive] Working with Manuscripts from Beowulf to Bacon: MEMI Spring Paleography Workshop, University of Alberta, April 11, 2005.

[with Sylvia Brown et al.] “Women and the Missionary Position? Gendering Encounters with the Ethnic Other in Quaker and Catholic Writings.” Attending to Early Modern Women: Structures and Subjectivities (Centre for Renaissance and Baroque Studies, University of Maryland). College Park, Maryland. 6–8 November 2003.

Participation in Panels

[With Simpson John; Rockwell, Geoffrey; Sinclair, Stéfan; Brown, Susan; Dyrbye, Amy; Chartier, Ryan.] “Framework for Testing Text Analysis and Mining Tools.” Poster presented at the Digital Humanities 2013 conference at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA., July, 2013

[ with] J. Simpson, S. Sinclair, A. Dyrbye, R. Chartier, M. Radzikowska, and R. Willson] “Just What Do They Do? On the use of text analysis in the humanities. CSDH/SCHN 2013 Conference at the HSSFC Congress at the University of Victoria, BC.

[With Geoffrey Rockwell et al.] “Panel on TAPoR 2.0: Redesigning Around” SDH/SEMI. Waterloo. May 28th, 2012.

Papers Presented

"This Magic Moment: Digital Interactions with Events in Early English Witchcraft." SDH/SEMI. University of New Brunswick, Canada. May 30-June 1, 2011.

"Medicalizing the Malefic: When Emerging Sciences Sustained Witch beliefs" Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies. University of New Brunswick, Canada. May 27-30, 2011.

"The Devil and Mother Shipton: Serendipitous Associations and the MONK Project." Panel: Use Cases Driving the Tool Development in the MONK Project. Digital Humanities 2009. University of Maryland, USA. June 22-25, 2009.

[With Teresa Dobson] "Googling Google Books: Integrated use of Fragmentary Information Display in Google Book Preview of Electronic Books." Digital Humanities 2009. University of Maryland, USA. June 22-25, 2009.

[Poster] "Throwing Bones". T-Rex Poster Cluster. Digital Humanities 2009. University of Maryland, USA. June 22-25, 2009.

[with Stan Ruecker] "With His Tung': In the Search of Early Modern Malefic Sexuality" Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies. May 23-25, 2009.

"What was she Thinking: Ways of Thinking / Ways of Working in a DH Context" SDH/ SEMI. Carleton University, Ottawa. May 25-27, 2009.

[With Stan Ruecker] "Conjuring and Transmogrifying: A Review of Two Digital Tools in the Context of Studying Early Modern Witchcraft Trials" SDH/ SEMI. Carleton University, Ottawa. May 25-27, 2009.

"The Devil Made Me Do Him: Mother Shipton, the Devil, the Witch, and the Prophet." The Devil in Society in the Pre-Modern World, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, Victoria College, University of Toronto. October 17-18 2008.

[with Stan Ruecker.] “A Book is not a Display: A Theoretical Evolution of the E-Book Reader.” Paper presented in the panel “The Building Blocks of the New Electronic Book” chaired by Ray Siemens at Digital Humanities 2008. Oulu, Finland. June 25-29, 2008.

[with Darren James Harkness]. “Normalizing Identity: The Role of Blogging Software in Creating Digital Identity.” Digital Humanities 2008, Oulu, Finland, June 25-29, 2008.

“Cozening, Cunning, and the Queen: the Representation of Witches, Cunning women, and Fairies in Elizabethan Law, Ephemera, and the Shakespeare’s Merry Wives of Windsor” Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, University of British Columbia. British Columbia. May 31-June 2, 2008.

“Data-mining with Flags and Highlighters: Interdisciplinary Pedagogy and the MONK Project” Thinking Beyond Borders: The Promise of Computing for the Humanities, SDH-SEMI 2008. Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, University of British Columbia. University of British Columbia June 2-3, 2008.

[with Sara Steger] “Visualizing Patterns: MONK,” [Poster Presentation] MLA Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois. 27-30, December, 2007.

[with Susan Liepert] “Interface and the Extension of Identity: The Witches in Early-Modern England (WEME) Project.” Bridging Communities: making public knowledge / making knowledge public. SDH/SEMI Annual Conference (Congress). Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 28-30 May, 2007.

“Reprobate Authority: The Self-Aware Author/Subject of Early Modern Ephemera” Women Reading Writing: Past and Present, Local and Global. Edmonton, Alberta. May 4-6, 2007.

[with Stan Ruecker] "Playing with Witchcraft: Digitizing, Structuring and Visualizing Early Modern English Witchcraft Texts." Rooms of Their Own: Women in the Knowledge Economy and Society (Royal Society). Edmonton, Alberta. 2-4 May, 2007.

“Possession/Obsession: Exorcizing Spiritual Ephemera in Early Modern England.” Pacific Northwest Renaissance Society 2007 Annual Conference. Calgary, Alberta. 27-28 April, 2007.

[with Darren James Harkness] “The Witches in Early Modern England Project” [poster presentation]. Text Encoding Initiative; 2006 Annual Member’s Meeting. Victoria, BC. 27-28 October 2006.

[with Stan Ruecker et al.] “Watch My Moves: From Digital Plays To the Digital Playbook.” Ninth IASTED International Conference on Computers and Advanced Technology in Education (CATE 2006). Lima, Peru. 4-6 October, 2006.

“Inwardly Pricked: Seventeenth-Century English Gallows Confessions as Performances of Christian Piety.” Pacific Northwest Renaissance Society. Banff, Alberta. 5–7 May 2005.

“Wrangling Witches/Fondling their Familiars: Constructing a Database of Early Modern English Witches and Their Spiritual Second Selves.” Medieval and Early Modern Institute (MEMI). Edmonton, Alberta. 8–9 December 2004.

“These and These are the Words of the Radical Milton.” 7th International Milton Symposium. Beaufort, South Carolina. 4–8 June 2002.

“Reworking Female Sexual Economics in Thomas Middleton’s A Chaste Maid in Cheapside.” Pacific Northwest Renaissance Society. Vancouver, British Columbia. 10–12 May 2001.

“Whip Me, Spank Me, and Call Me Dolly.” 17th Annual International James Joyce Symposium. London University, London, UK. 24–30 June 2000.

“Keyhole Hedonism, Literature, and the Throbbing Juvenile Pen.” Association of Canadian College and University Teachers in English (ACCUTE). Edmonton, Alberta. 23–27 May 2000.

“Sex, Death, and the Single Romantic Woman.” Association of Canadian College and University Teachers in English (ACCUTE). Edmonton, Alberta. 23–27 May 2000.

Campus and Departmental Talks

"Practicing the Craft: Alternate Models of Academic Inquiry into the Malefic." CIRCA Series. Canadian Institute for Research Computing. February 17, 2011.

[with Marie Ciavarella] “E-Learning for Historical Studies.” Department of History. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana-Champaign. February 24, 2010.

"Rage and Possession in Early Modern England" A Major Link: Understanding our World Through Culture and Art Series. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Urbana-Champaign. February 15, 2010.

[with Milena Radzikowska] "Varied Visceral Visualizations: Pattern Finding and Prototyping in the WEME project" University of Alberta. Enterprise Square. May 7th, 2009."Teaching First Year English" Department of English and Film Studies, University of Alberta. September 2003, September 2002.


Athabasca University

  • MAIS 623: Introduction to Trends in New Media (Winter 2015)
  • University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
  • HIST 200: Early Modern English Popular Cultures (Winter 2010)

Simon Fraser University

  • ENGL 416: Milton (Winter 2009)
  • ENGL 376: Early Modern Women's Writing (Winter 2009)
  • ENGL 313: Late Shakespeare (Fall 2008)
  • ENGL 203: Early Modern Literature: Defining and Redefining God, Country, and Self (Fall 2008)

Saint Francis Xavier

  • ENGL 340: Shakespeare (Fall/Winter 2007-8)
  • ENGL 312: 17th Century Literature (Fall/Winter 2007-8)
  • ENGL 100: Introduction to English Literature (Fall/Winter 2007-8)

University of Alberta

  • ENGL 390: Women's Writing/Writing by Women pre-1900 (Fall 2007)
  • ENGL 199: Essentials of Writing for Engineering Students (Fall 2006, Winter 2013)
  • ENGL 123: English Literature in Global Perspective (Winter 2013)
  • ENGL 122: Texts and Contexts (Winter 2013)
  • ENGL 112: Literature in Historical Perspective (Fall/Winter 2006-7)
  • ENGL 111: Language, Literature, and Culture (Fall/Winter 2004-5)
  • ENGL 108: Language and Literature (Spring 2007)
  • ENGL 101: Critical Reading and Writing (Fall/Winter, 2000-2001, Fall/Winter 2001-2, Fall/Winter 2002-3)


Grant Evaluation

2012 Member NEH Evaluation Panel Digital Humanities Implementation Grants program. Washington, DC, USA
2009 Member, SSHRC Evaluation Panel Digging into Data Grant Competition London, England.


2010-2013 e-Lab Scholar Athabasca University
2009-2012 Principal Investigator Witches in Early Modern England Project
2006-2007 Research Assistant NORA Project
2005-2007 Co-investigator Stan Ruecker, Witchcraft Database University of Alberta
2005-2006 Research Assistant Stan Ruecker, Witchcraft Database University of Alberta
2002 Research Assistant Sylvia Brown, "Voices from the Borderlands: The Problem of ‘Home’ in Oral Histories of German Expellees in Canada.” University of Alberta
2001 Research Assistant Shyamal Bagchee, Canadian Regional Literature Cecily Devereux, Canadian Literature
2000 Research Assistant Janice Williamson, Library/Online Research Lahoucine Ouzgane, Proofreading/Editing University of Alberta

Collaborative Research Projects

2012-present Contributor Connected Histories Project
2011-present Collaborator Datamining with Criminal Intent
2011-present Lead TAPoR Project (Text Analysis Portal for Research)
2009-2010 Collaborator Teaching for the 21st Century: A Pilot Project on e-Reading with SD62
2006-2010 Use Case MONK Project (Metadata Offer New Knowledge)


2006-2007 Executive Chair, Executive Board Medieval and Early Modern Institute (MEMI)
2006-2007 Representative, Chair’s Advisory Council University of Alberta, Dept. of English and Film Studies
2003-2005 First-Year Committee Member University of Alberta, Dept. of English and Film Studies


Public Talks

"On Our Obsession with Demon-Possession." Nerd Night Edmonton. Citadel Theatre. January 4, 2014.

Television Appearances

Television Interview, Mother Shipton. Produced by Donna Davies, Ruby Tree Films Inc. Vision T.V. "iProphesy" Series. Original Air date November 21, 2012.

Print / Digital Appearances

Tracey Monger. "Norfolk Witchcraft – Executions – Ritual objects" January 3, 2012.

Rebecca Welzenbach. “Transcribed by hand, owned by libraries, made for everyone: EEBO-TCP in 2012.” EEBO-TCP White Paper. December 1, 2012.

"Witches in Early Modern England (A digital humanities project for unveiling witchcraft narratives)" Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies. Recommended Resource. June 7, 2012.

And for to See and Eek for to Eeie.“The Witches in Early Modern England project" May 31, 2012. Recommended Resource:

University of Alberta. Express News. May, 2012.

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Rebecca Welzenbach. "Beyond the Facsimile: Early English Books Online (EEBO) and the Text Creation Partnership." Enriching Scholarship. May 7, 2011.

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Religion Culture University of Groningen Recommended Resource.

Léo Charbonneau "New journal on the preternatural debuts: Will include articles on fairies, werewolves, magic spells and witches."

University Affairs. April 2, 2012.

Tim Bryson. "Witches, prosopography, and network analysis" Digital Librarian Inititative. March 25, 2012

"Witches in Early Modern England Project" University of Michigan Libraries, March 13, 2012. Recommended Resource

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The Early Modern Intelligencer of the Birkbeck Early Modern Society. Recommended Resource.

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Shakespeare and the Supernatural / Witchcraft. New York Library. Recommended Resource.

"Research Assignment – Primary Texts w/Presentation" EEBO-TCP. Recommended Resource.

Digging into Data. Related Reading. Recommended Resource.

Early Modern Web. "Welcome to Witches in Early Modern England. Recommended Resource.

Aaron McCollough "Bedfellows in Mass Digital Conversion: Ten Years of Text Creation Partnership(s)" New Knowledge Environments 1:1 (2009).

"Real-life 'witches' shared modern women's search for meaning" The Edmonton Journal May 4, 2007


2012 Society for Neuroscience
2010 Shakespeare Society of America
2008 Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies
2007 Society for Digital Humanities
2003 Medieval and Early Modern Institute
2003 Society for the Study of Early Modern Women
2002 Milton Society
2001 Pacific Northwest Renaissance Society
2000 James Joyce Society